IPv4 Address Leasing

Why IPv4 Leasing?

IPv4 address leasing has become more popular these days as the companies who have lower budget, short term usage can invest on IP Leasing than IP Buying. The lessees don’t have to invest huge costs when compared to IPv4 buying. Also, the IPv4 leasing is more flexible than buying because this allows the lessees to lease IP’s flexible to the project or whenever needed.

A Company or an enterprise which is likely to expand their IT assets (i.e., Servers, Computers, Storage) requires IP Addresses to make them accessible from the outside world. Before acquiring an IPv4 the first thing comes to our mind is the “cost involved”, this becomes the major factor in choosing IPv4 Leasing over IPv4 Buying. The reduction in expenditure and increased savings will directly help in the growth of the organization.


  • Cost-Efficiency
  • Faster Deployment
  • No CAPEX
  • Flexibility
  • IP varieties
Significance of IPv4 Leasing and how IPv4 Leasing can help shortage of IPv4 Addresses 

IPv4 leasing companies (or) IP brokers play a major role in the availability of Public IPv4 addresses in the market for businesses to procure.

IP addresses around the world are managed by IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) and five designated territory RIR’s (Regional Internet Registries) further assigned to LIR’s (Local Internet registries) i.e., ISP (Internet Service Provider) and other larger organizations.

Unused IP Blocks can be monetized by businesses by leasing it, this makes availability of IP Addresses to all kinds of businesses at a cheaper price. IP Leasing tackles the Shortage of IPv4 Addresses around the world. Talk to your IP leasing partners to know the availability and pricing.

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