IP Address Leasing


LOA ( Letter Of Authorization )

Lease IPv4 Blocks with LOA option and use anywhere, worldwide with your carrier. Choose an IP Block, sign lease agreement, make payment , Sign LOA and start announcing IP’s .

IP with Servers

Lease a Dedicated server or virtual machine with IPv4 Block and get deployed at ease. We offer servers with high bandwidth ports with metered and unmetered plans. you can add multiple IP blocks to a single server on our hosting partner network.


IP with Servers

Advantages of IP Address Leasing Over Buying

IP Address Buying

Buy IP Addresses directly from owners who can source from ARIN, RIPE & APNIC. We handle the contracts and fully manage the entire IPv4 transfer process. Background checks for IPs are done to qualify it before the sale to ensure the seller owns the IPv4 and is free and clear.

Reputable companies who need to buy IP addresses contact us to procure IP from genuine sellers

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